The ART of simplicity is nature’s expression; BE authenthic

Art Collabs

This line of products is made in collaboration with artists from all over the world.

We promote creativity based on I-tal concept as organic and pure expression with no comercial infuence.

All our collaborations are unique and exclusively produced as limited edition with small quanities.

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B. Collection

Yes, sustainable is affordable!

We want to reach more people with our sustainable and high quality products on better prices. We need to proove that there are always better ways to make it.

Our BE I-tal collection is made for the everyday use adding a touch of class. This line of products is made with the same quality and certified fibers. Just not as bold as collabs but with the perfect touch of class to match work days or just that simple but authenthic look you always need to have.

Simple doesn’t mean boring and we are here to proove it.

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