I-tal is vital

Beauty and nature authenticity inspire us to look always for a better way to make things. We promote a conscious lifestyle to lower our impact on environment. 

Stay green!


Nature’s authenticity represented by genuine eco fibers. Our meticulous design process is gently crafted to bring original looks into high quality sustainable goods. From limited edition artists collaborations to everyday eye-catching classics.


Our products are made to last and stay forever! Buy less, use more! We are not part of the fast fashion movement. All our products are made with quality materials, professional dedicated handcraft, attention to detail, and a lot of care.


Consciously created. We follow a strict protocol with our suppliers to ensure low environmental impact during manufacturing. All our products are made with organic, sustainable fibers certified by GOTS. For us, good working conditions are as important as good quality products.


Nature is our common ground, our main source of inspiration. As we learn from her, we have to give back and take care for it on all our decision making. Hemp is hope, not dope!


There’s always a better way to make it!

Support sustainable production and help us improve the second most contaminating industry in the planet.

As a consumer, you have inmmense power with your spending.

We advocate for Hemp as the fiber of the future!

We source the best and most environmental fibers.
Hemp, recycled polyester and organic cotton are our main fibers for manufacturing.

Fabrics can be environmentally friendly and still meet the strict requirements of the market.