i-tal is vital

I-TAL COLLECTIVE is a platform to promote creativity and cultural value into original & well-made sustainable products.

We’re committed to empower street and contemporary culture through local communities activities and worldwide collaborations.


Our collaborations bring the artist’s work into public spaces and people’s life.

We curate for our audience selecting among the influential and visionary to create a new category on everyday products.

Our creative processes are rooted in the traditions of mural-making.

We advocate for Hemp as the fiber of the future!

We source the best and most environmental fibers.
Hemp, recycled polyester and organic cotton are our main fibers for manufacturing.

Fabrics can be environmentally friendly and still meet the strict requirements of the market.




Ethical working conditions & clean energies are part of our well-made product manufacturing processes.

High quality materials are the first step to create a unique Premium product.

We pay attention to every detail because we care. Our products are made to last!